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Australian Outback continues to claim lives

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It is sad that in November, the Australian outback claimed two lives in separate incidents.  In both cases the deceased were travelling with other people, in vehicles that became stuck.  In an attempt to get help, they decided to leave their vehicle, and unfortunately this was their fatal error.

This is incredibly sad, and a harsh reminder that the unrelenting heat of the Australian summer is deadly.

If your vehicle breaks down or gets stuck in these conditions it is vital that you find or make shade nearby, rest and conserve your energy and water.  NEVER LEAVE YOUR VEHICLE.  


1.  You will conserve energy and water by staying still and sitting in the shade.

2.  You should have additional water supplies in your vehicle – more than you can carry on foot.

3. Your vehicle is far easier to find when searchers come looking for you

With modern technology, there is the capacity to communicate globally that you require urgent assistance.  My ebook – Save Our Selves – A guide to getting help in remote areas details the many ways you can ensure that your call for help is received by appropriate authorities who will rescue you.

To read the tragic news stories of the past month, please click here:




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