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Outback Crash Survivor Found 33 Hours After Accident

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This week I came across an amazing story of survival in remote Australia:

A man left stranded after an outback car crash in which his friend died was rescued more than 30 hours later after scrawling a series of SOS messages in the mud.” (ABC News)

It tuned out that the vehicle they were travelling in was in an accident which tragically killed the 19 year old driver, approximately 160km south west of Winton, Queensland.  The passenger set off on foot to get help, but wasn’t found for more than 30 hours after the accident

One can only imagine what ordeal the young man went through, injured and probably in shock as he desperately sought help.  As he moved, he scrawled ‘SOS’ marks in the ground, with an arrow indicating his direction of travel – which probably saved his life.  He was found suffering facial injuries, bruising and dehydration by a helicopter.

The Police say the man is lucky to be alive – an understatement indeed.  He is incredibly lucky to have survived.

Now imagine if the same accident had happened, and these young men had a satellite distress beacon or satellite messenger in their glovebox.  By turning their beacon on, Search and Rescue authorities would have been promptly alerted that they required assistance and help would have been heading in their direction within an hour.  Whilst this perhaps would not have saved the driver, the young passenger would have been comforted knowing help would be coming and not set off on his desperate search for assistance, that nearly claimed his life too.

For more information on how distress beacons / satellite messengers or other communication types work, download “Save Our Selves – A guide for getting help in remote areas” at the following links:

pdf version: http://campingcommunication.com

Any e-Reader:  https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/286844

The full story as reported in the ABC can be read here: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2013-02-19/outback-crash-survivor-found-after-scrawling-sos-in-mud/4527892


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