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Basic Mechanical Knowledge Required For Outback Trip

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We can all do a little bit to help make sure we have a few skills or knowledge that can be the difference between life and death when travelling in remote areas.  Tragically many tourists have died because they have tried to get assistance after becoming bogged or broken down.  What is more tragic is that their deaths are often avoidable.

So what basic knowledge do you need?

Thankfully with a few simple precautions, and the right equipment, a breakdown can become a mere inconvenience rather than a battle for survival.

You should ensure you always carry spare water, some shelter and a few basic spares.

Things you should know how to do are:

  • Know how to change a tyre, and check your spare is up to the task.  Many people also carry tyre repair kits and an air compressor to make temporary repairs in the bush.
  • Carry emergency self fusing tape to effect repairs to leaking cooling system hoses such as Rescue Tape
  • Carry putty or epoxy such as Selleys Knead It Steel to make repairs to radiators or fuel tanks.
  • Gaffa Tape or Cloth Tape is useful for making all sorts of temporary repairs, and can be used to hold broken bumpers on cars.  It may also be used to reinforce badly cracked windscreens.
  • With modern vehicles, the key is essential and if you damage the key, your vehicle may be rendered un-serviceable.  Make sure you have your spare key in a secret but accessible place.
  • You should have a basic understanding of how the 4WD system on your car works, particularly if bogged.  Be prepared to adjust tyre pressures and drive to conditions. Doing a course can be particularly useful if you are new to four wheel driving.

If you’re unable to get going again, then you need to make some form of shelter and wait.  NEVER LEAVE YOUR VEHICLE.

Now is the time to communicate to search and rescue authorities that you need assistance. This can be done in many ways, as explained in Save Our Selves, A guide for getting help in remote areas.

This book can be downloaded for any e-Reader at smashwords here: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/286844


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