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Satellite Telephone. Who will you call?

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Traditionally long range communication was done via HF radio. The cackle of the signal, combined with the black art of selecting the right frequency made it difficult to use, except for skilled operators. There was a reason ships used to sail the world with dedicated radio operators… It was too difficult a medium for mere mortals to use in order to effectively communicate.

In this modern day and age, satellite technology now provides us with direct, crystal clear telephone exchange from almost any point on the globe. Call costs have come down, as has the price of handsets, meaning that a satellite telephone is more affordable than ever.

Unfortunately the global nature of the satellite telephone means that there are some limitations. For example you cannot call emergency services using 000 or 112 on many handsets. Not all handsets can be configured to call the closest Police call centre in an emergency. This can have dire consequences if you require urgent assistance in an emergency situation and you’re in the 75% of Australia that doesn’t have mobile phone coverage. Who do you call for help?

If you have a satellite telephone that doesn’t connect with the local emergency services, you need to do some research and make sure you have their direct telephone number handy. Calling a friend or relative might be ok if your trying to organise a minor repair, however do you really want to put your friend though a whole heap of worry and stress, when you could go directly to the agency the will be able to help if you’re in urgent need of assistance?

That is where Save Our Selves – A guide to getting help in remote areas comes in handy. It is the only place that you can find all the direct phone numbers of Australian police stations that are manned 24 hours a day. If you buy this ebook, you can print the whole book, or just the couple of pages with the phone numbers, and leave them in your glovebox, confident that if you needed urgent assistance, you will be able to raise the alarm with someone who can’t actually help you.

It is also available on kindle and other e-reader formats here: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/286844.


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