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Think a Satellite Phone is too hard to use… Think again for Remote Communication!

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Satellite phones are traditionally clunky devices, like the mobile phones of 15 years ago, with high costs and poor ergonomics. A new product is about to hit the Australian market that will bring the convenience of the modern iPhone with the coverage of a satellite phone.

Thruya have introduced the Thuraya SatSleeve. You simply insert your iPhone into the sleeve, and you can make calls and transfer data via satellite connection. It also comes with a battery pack that extends the life of your iPhone.  When you are operating deep in the outback, or just in the country – this will make your remote communication problems disappear!

As an added bonus, you can make a call to one pre-determined emergency number even without docking your iPhone. It is an innovating product, from one of the fastest growing satellite telephone producers in the Australian market.

This type of product will revolutionise the way people think about satellite telephones, particularly when travelling in remote areas.

For more information or help in choosing a product, please download:

Save Our Selves - A Guide to Getting Help In Remote Areas

It explains the various means of communication available to you and when to use them.
It can be purchased for download here: http://campingcommunication.com/ or for e-readers here: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/286844


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