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Remote Communication

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These days we all too often head bush to forget about our busy lives, and try to reconnect with nature.  It seems we need to go further and further afield to ensure we are out of range of the dreaded mobile phone (unless you’re with Vodaphone that is!).

However increasingly we also want to stay connected with the world.  With a bit of planning and expense, there are not too many places on this world beyond reach of our modern data systems.

Remote communication is big business.

Companies, particularly those with workers on the road, or in the field, and now investing billions of dollars each year.  The money they spend is on tracking their equipment, vehicles or ships.  It is on sharing data with employees in remote locations.  And finally it is about communicating with people in remote or would otherwise be incommunicado.

Gone are the days when the Prime Minister would board a ship to other shores, and be effectively out of contact with all delegations passed to the Deputy Prime Minister for the duration of the passage.

The added benefit of all this investment is that equipment and capabilities that was hitherto far too expensive for the average person to contemplate has now become far more affordable. We no longer just expect a device to alert authorities that we are in distress and require assistance, but we expect a more engaging two-way communication device that can also alert authorities that we require assistance.

Choosing a piece of equipment that serves your remote communication purpose is difficult.  It must be easy to use in an emergency, by anyone in your party.  A satellite telephone may be your answer, but who will you call?

The only place you can find all the 24 hour police station numbers in Australia is in Save Our Selves – A guide to getting help in remote areas.  It can be found here: http://campingcommunication.com


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