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How will you get rescued?

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In the news this week is another remarkable story of survival, after a 68 year old woman broke down on the Deddick Trail in Snowy Mountains National Park.  She survived for four days, before eventually being rescued by a Victorian Police helicopter.  Remarkable that she survived, but even more remarkable that she had no remote communication plan in place other than a mobile phone.

The alarm was raised after her vehicle was discovered on the trail.  It took another day or so before a search and rescue helicopter saw the word “HELP” scrawled in the sand of the Snowy River.

It brings home a couple of salient points:

  • If broken down – stay with your vehicle.  
  • Your vehicle can provide shelter in the cold evenings (down to about freezing),
  • Your vehicle is easier to find than a missing person, and in this case would have seen the missing woman rescued some 24 hours earlier.
  • Consider a Remote Communication Plan – what will you do if you break down or are injured out of mobile phone range?

Thankfully the missing woman was rescued and will make a full recovery.  Perhaps next time she will consider some remote communication device such as a PLB, SPOT or even a satellite telephone.  Of course if you want more information, please consider Save Our Selves – A guide to getting help in remote areas.






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