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Remote Communication Options

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When considering your remote communication plan, there are many things that must be considered.  Every body has different expectations and needs from the equipment they take with them.  For example if you’re working in remote areas for extended periods of time, and require good voice and data communications, you will need a satellite telephone system that can support your requirements.  Alternatively if you’re an occasional traveller and happy to wait until you’re in a McDonald’s with free wi-fi for your data, then perhaps you just require a device to alert authorities in an emergency.

There is no easy answer – but you need to consider the following before choosing a device or devices to support your remote communication plan.

  • Do you require regular two-way voice and data communication?
  • Do you require occasional voice and data communication?
  • Do you require a simple device that can be operated by children in the event of an emergency?
  • Do you wish to be tracked by your friends using online products such as google maps?
  • Do you wish to join a larger community of travellers using a group chat feature?
  • Is the size and weight of the device important (e.g. car based or hiker’s pocket… or both?)
  • What is your budget?

There are many products that you might be lead to believe will meet all your needs, however when you get into the detail, many are optimised for certain roles, and can be very limited at others.  That is where Save Our Selves – A guide to getting help in remote areas becomes important.  It clearly explains what products are out there and how they could best meet your remote communication plan.


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