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Photos can now be uploaded to Australian 406 beacon database

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Changes to the AMSA 406 database now mean you can upload images of your boat / 4WD directly to the 406 database.  These changes have the potential to greatly increase your chance of successful rescue.

This means that you can upload images to their database, greatly enhancing the information available to rescuers about your set up making sure the people who come to help you are as prepared as possible.

It is simple and easy to do.

You go to the database webpage:  https://www.beacons.amsa.gov.au



Australian 406 database homepage

You then need to insert your photos against the vehicle or vessel

Insert image into Australian 406 database

Once you have done this, if your beacon is activated, rescuers are able to lookup not only your emergency details, but also actual photos of your 4WD or vessel.  This means they are able to tailor the response to ensure you get the best possible result from the search and rescue authorities.

You are also able to upload itineraries or other documentation in pdf or word format.  This is great for planned walks or expeditions over several days.

This is an essential consideration in your remote communication plan.


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