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A 406MHz beacon is your best chance of being rescued

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The Australian Maritime Safety Authority has commenced a new media campaign aimed at increasing the carriage of 406MHz distress beacons.

They have released this short video, explaining briefly how the system works and the importance of buying a GPS equipped 406MHz beacon.

At the moment, a GPS encoded beacon increases the accuracy of the beacon detection from around a 5 kilometre radius to just 120 metres.  Wherever you might be in trouble, the difference in accuracy is remarkable and could be the difference between getting help in time, or not.  Of course a beacon that is not registered doesn’t provide any help to would-be rescuers, so you should register your beacon (for free at http://beacons.amsa.gov.au/)  The next generation of satellites – still a few years away, should give similar accuracy on activation… but that will be of little comfort if you have to activate your beacon before the MEOSAR system comes online.

So do yourself a favour and check out the video here:

For more information about all the remote communication equipment available, and to help you chose what is best for you, check out: Save Our Selves – A guide to getting help in remote areas


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