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Man dies after car breaks down

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Cars are mechanical devices, and in my experience, any mechanical device is prone to failure. Put in a harsh environment such as the interior of Australia, failure is even more likely.

That said, a breakdown should not result in your death.

A car breakdown, whilst inconvenient, should be just that – inconvenient.  It is thus with a sad heart I read that a man has died in the remote northern Goldfields region of Western Australia.

Two weeks ago, whilst driving in a remote part of the state, the gentleman’s car broke down.  Whilst attempting to walk to a nearby Station for assistance, the man died.  It is a sad reminder that you need to consider an effective remote communication plan when travelling out of the sphere of mobile phone coverage.

It also reminded me of how easy things can go wrong, after we broke down in a remote part of Far North Queensland late last year.  Our late-model vehicle, with full service history and comprehensive selection of spare parts still managed to breakdown leaving us stranded.  Our mobile phones were little more than paperweights, with no coverage for miles.  Thankfully we were helped by passing motorists who took us to the nearest place with a landline telephone.   With several days worth of food and water, as well as a Personal Locator Beacon (PLB), our remote communication plan gave us confidence that sooner or later we would be able to raise the alarm that we needed assistance.  Our plan was to stay with our vehicle, until help arrived.

Our remote breakdown became an inconvenience.

Please consider your remote communication plan, it may just save your life.  If you need more information, check out Save Our Selves – a guide to getting help in remote areas.

Dual Cab Ute on Tow Truck


Source: West Australian Newspaper Dated 9 Jan 2015, Page 11


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