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How to make delicious coffee while camping

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If you’re like me, there is not many things more satisfying than a cup of freshly brewed coffee in the morning.  The aroma of freshly ground beans, the ritual of pouring the cup and enjoying a few moments peace and solitude whilst savouring the flavour of your coffee is hard to beat.

As good as it gets

As good as it gets

Whilst we all have our favourite cafe, blends and styles, I found a way to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee every morning of our 12 month camping trip around Australia.  And lets face it, sometimes when we were camping, it wasn’t the fumble for a few dollars change that was my biggest issue.  On occasions the nearest cafe with passable coffee was over 500 kilometres away!There are two parts to a good coffee – the coffee itself and the water.

Nothing beats a fresh cuppa whilst camping

The jolly swagman never had it this good

In many places, water is salty, chlorinated or otherwise tainted.  On some occasions we drew water from crystal clear running creeks full of delicious pure water, however the majority of times we used water we carried with us.

Depending on your taste, you may wish to purchase bottled drinking water, or ensure you fill up your tanks with good quality water whenever you can, and use only your best water in your cuppa.  A billy allowed the water to be boiled on a stove, cook top or an open fire.

The coffee is slightly more difficult to arrange.  We stored roasted beans in an airtight container in the coolest part of the car we could – but not the fridge.  A simple hand powered grinder was  sufficient to grind enough beans for each morning’s brew.  I would then use a stainless steel plunger and percolate the coffee.

Once infused to the desired strength, it is simple to pour and enjoy.  I would enjoy a fresh cup of coffee, whilst the rest of the brew would go into a spill proof thermal travel mug where it would stay steaming hot until morning tea.

Devondale Milk – The best of the Long Life Milk

If you need milk for your cup of coffee, fresh milk is available in most places.  If storage in your esky or fridge is at a premium, consider 250mL tetra-pak long life milk.  Devondale makes a very reasonable long life milk.  The best part of this arrangement is that it is simple.  When pounding along thousands of kilometres of corrugated bush tracks, the plunger and the mugs received a huge amount of punishment, but never once let me down.


For many more tips on how to make your camping trip comfortable, check out: Thrive on the Road – Tips and tricks to make your holiday on the road every bit as enjoyable as it should be


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