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How would you get help if you came across this?

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The other day a video appeared in my news feed, of a terrible accident that happened on one of the many remote roads in Australia.  Thankfully no one was seriously injured, however I think everyone involved was incredibly lucky to be alive.

It is also a salient reminder how things can go wrong on roads that are straight, flat and in good condition.

Remote Communication PlanGravel roads lead to interesting places

Country driving has very different challenges to city driving.  I am no expert, and there are many places you will find the same oft repeated messages of ‘slow down’ and ‘drive to the conditions’.  That doesn’t stop humans making mistakes or lapses of judgment.

Accidents happen.

Lets assume for a moment you are the first car to arrive on scene of a motor vehicle accident.  Everyone is shaken, and apart from a few minor scrapes and bruises, all seem to be OK.  The road is blocked with one of the vehicles.  Your partner grabs the first aid kit, and starts treating the injured.  You need to call emergency services.  You pull out your mobile phone and your heart falls to your shoes.  You have no service.

Your phone is as useless as a brick.

Thankfully before you left, you bought a copy of this e-book – Save Our Selves, A guide for getting help in remote areas.  It explained to you the various remote communication distress alerting devices available to you.

You reach into the glove box and grab your chosen distress alerting device, and turn it on, confident that the Search and Rescue system has now been activated.  Help will be on its way.

I hope you never need to use it.


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