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Could this be the best satellite phone?

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Think satellite phones are ugly bricks that can only work outdoors… think again.  Pivotel has just released new pricing on their Thuraya SatSleeve which allows seamless interface with your smart phone.  The SatSleeve now can be purchased with a universal adaptor, allowing it to interface with most smartphones.

The SatSleeve has many advantages over regular satellite phones.  Not only can you make calls almost anywhere, you are able to send and receive emails and use your apps, wherever you are. When you’re in regular mobile phone signal, your phone reverts to a regular mobile phone.

One option even allows you to use you to set up a SatSleeve Hotspot outside, whilst you use your smartphone inside.  This frees you up from having to be outside to make a satellite phone call!

Pivotel supply these products to the Australian market. This means you can dial regular Australian numbers from your phone, including the emergency 000 number.  As a bonus, people calling you pay just regular mobile phone rates.

The cost of these phones is around $999 including GST.  You will require a subscription plan, and these range upwards from $15 per month.

To find out if this is the right product for you, check out Save Our Selves – A guide to getting help in remote areas.

If you want to find out more about the SatSleeve or the other satellite phones provided by Pivotel, check out:  http://www.pivotel.com.au/pivotel_satellite_phones_inc_thuraya.php



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