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What if you just get sick when hiking?

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Emergency EPIRBs or beacons are not just for when you’re injured.

Last Sunday, the Bundaberg RACQ CareFlight Rescue helicopter recovered two men from Fraser Island.  The pair were aged 25 and 26 and were experienced hikers.  They hadn’t  twisted an ankle or been bitten by a snake.  But they needed help, and their distress beacon was the quickest way to get the help they needed.

One of the hikers fell ill during their hike.  The pair rested overnight to see if he improved.  Unfortunately his condition worsened overnight, and they made the agonising decision to turn on their beacon.

The beacon was detected by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority shortly before lunch on Sunday.  The helicopter responded and located the hikers in dense bush-land about 10 kilometres north of Lake Wabby.  A paramedic and air crewman was winched down to the pair.  They then extracted the ill hiker and transferred him to Hervey Bay Hospital for treatment.

It was a good outcome.  They were well prepared for their hike, but were unable to continue.  They made the right decision.

RACQ CareFlight Rescue Helicopter – https://www.careflight.org.au

For more information on which beacon is best for you, check out Save Our Selves – A guide for getting help in remote areas


Read the article here: http://www.gladstoneobserver.com.au/news/hikers-winched-safety-fraser-island/3020313/


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