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My name is Phil Gaden, and I have a passion for camping and travelling in remote areas.  I also have over ten years experience as a Search and Rescue Coordinator.  I have seen all too often the perils people face when they are not prepared for the journeys they undertake.

In 2014 my family and I embarked on a twelve month 54 000km journey around Australia in our car and camper trailer.   The miles we travelled brought us closer together as a family.  It was an epic adventure and we loved every minute.

With a young family we are also cognisant of the responsibilities we have to ensure our children are safe and enjoy our travels too.  Having seen all to often what can go wrong, even to those with the best equipment and preparation, I starting thinking about what practical measures we could take to ensure our trip has a robust safety net watching over us.

We also met families who found travelling a real struggle, through poor choices in equipment or unrealistic expectations.  We also learnt many lessons ourselves as we travelled.  We started jotting down these ideas around the campfire and soon had a sizeable list of ideas to make travelling a much more comfortable proposition.

And this led to the development of my e-books.

I am not into survival Bear Grylls style.  I wanted to find simple and (relatively) inexpensive techniques that we could follow to ensure my family is kept safe and comfortable in the great outdoors.

Accidents happen.  Vehicles break down.  You cannot always predict what will happen.  The difference between having a plan and some basic equipment can literally be the difference between life and death in Australia’s remote interior.  I don’t want to see another single person die due to them not taking a couple of simple precautions.

Safe travelling.


It’s all about getting out there and enjoying every day